Merry go round the world


Well the amazing Exmouth-tour is over and I am back in Perth … so why not exploring more of the great WA!? Today I had Rottnest Island on my list 😁  A short ferry ride from Freemantle (also possible from Perth and Hillarys) and you are on a magnificent little island – Rottnest! On Tuesday you get it even for half the price from Freemantle! As said, I did so today with… Read More

von Art Buchwald  Lieber Vater, blick gnädig herab auf Deine demütigen Ferienreisenden, deren schweres Los es ist, in der Welt umherzuziehen, Aufnahmen zu machen, Ansichtskarten zu schreiben, Andenken zu erstehen und in bügelfreier Kunstfaserwäsche herumzulaufen. Wir flehen Dich an, O Herr, sieh zu, daß unser Flugzeug nicht gekapert wird, daß unser Gepäck nicht verloren geht und niemand merkt, daß es zu schwer ist. Erleuchte uns bei der Hotelwahl, laß uns funktionierende Telefone… Read More

By: Art Buchwald Heavenly Father, look down on us, your humble, obedient tourist servants who are doomed to travel this Earth taking photographs, mailing postcards, buying souvenirs and walking around in drip-dry underwear. We beseech you, oh Lord, to see that our plane is not hijacked, our luggage is not lost and our overweight baggage goes unnoticed. Protect us from surly and unscrupulous taxi drivers, avaricious porters and unlicensed English-speaking guides. Give… Read More

After Nusa Lembongan we set over today to Gili Air! Around 2h boat drive and we arrived in another little paradise! After check in we discovered the island by bike.  There are not a lot word needed 😉 a nice little island with an acceptable amount of tourists 😁 A must go when in Bali … 👍🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ And now I finish my day with a cosmopolitan at the beach with nice live… Read More

Well, i have to say … after I finally arrived in Bangkok and survived the train experience of 10.5h … I would never ever do it again. Beside the time, its not really a comfortable train (at least not the one I was in), extremely cold (AC on 18* all the time).  The landscape is nice though… but after an hour of watching the very nice green landscape you are done with… Read More

I did not expect to find so many unique cafes in seoul. But while strolling through the streets you can see on all corners cafes … ‘heaven’ for cafe lovers 😁 I tried out nice, cute or/and curious looking ones … but as said … there are so many more theme-cafes in the city … it would take years to try them out all without getting an cafe overdose …. Coffee TeaCher… Read More

While being in Seoul, I also booked a tour to DMZ. I initially wanted to go to JSA – Joint Security Area – too but due to military training (whatever this means in detail!) it was not possible to go there during those days I am in the city. In the end I decided to go with the tour operator Cosmojin which was a good choice. The booking process was easy (even though I… Read More

Der Frühe Vogel fängt den Fisch 🐟☀️

My last couple of days I staid in Busan in a wonderful place called ‘Good Day Mate‘. They are very welcoming and made me really feel at home. They helped me whenever they could (walked me to a dinner place on my arrival day, SIM installation, answered a ton of questions etc.). Siyoung also took me out for lunch today and I could experience an excellent Beef Bulgogi at the restaurant Gonggi. I only… Read More