Merry go round the world


… that’s how I feel myself 😁 While driving up to Glenorchy yesterday, I had some gorgeous views! I just spend the afternoon at the lake and took up this beautiful landscape! Today I planned a horse ride … to Isengard – or also called the Paradise. And I got not disappointed… it was just breathtaking! And my little fury fella – Cooper – was the best ever 😁 so patient with… Read More

Next stop is on the South Island – Nelson. So to get there, I booked the ferry and set over yesterday. The sea was calm and the welcoming on the south just breathtaking 😁 the whole trip takes around 3h 30min, but the last hour is ‘the one’ not to miss – cruising through Marlborough Sounds till you reach Picton. From Picton I drove the Queen Charlotte Drive – a beautiful scenic… Read More

Well, after 12h night bus and another 2h train trip I arrived at the Blue Mountains… First thing to do … coffee infusion needed! Happy that this is a easy task here 😁 After checking in at my hostel for the next three nights I just relax, get some information for tomorrow’s little hike and will stroll through the tiny village/city … <<<< I already can tell after my short impression here:… Read More

Today was again a moving day for me  … it was time to go to the East Coast > Final destination Brisbane. Therefore bye bye Alice Springs … .. after a couple of hours I arrived in Adelaide for changing the flight. While changing Terminal I spotted the biggest Airplane I ever saw (I think it is even the biggest existing one – but not sure about this)… after some couple of… Read More

Well, i have to say … after I finally arrived in Bangkok and survived the train experience of 10.5h … I would never ever do it again. Beside the time, its not really a comfortable train (at least not the one I was in), extremely cold (AC on 18* all the time).  The landscape is nice though… but after an hour of watching the very nice green landscape you are done with… Read More

To get to my next part of my journey I took a 12h night ride by train to Chiang Mai. A really cool experience. And have to say quite comfortable… 😁  I left Bangkok at 6pm from the Hua Lamphong Railway Station. As waiting on the train to leave I witnessed a photo shoot of a wedding- quite surprising for me ☺️   I can not say that this is a very… Read More

Again I had to get up early … 6.40am! 😏 but, Short flight … and already in Seoul! 😁 Now I enjoy my last four days in South Korea! 

Since I am in Busan, I already can say, that Japanese and Koreans have one thing a 100% in common: They are both quite addicted to Smartphones 🙂 I always thought, Switzerland is bad – but I have to say, nothing against those heavy users here. I assume, in the subway around 90% of the people are busy with their Smartphone – if not even more. The age does not matter –… Read More

Ok, warum auch nicht … auf Naoshima ist für mich der erste ‘EBike-Test’ sowie der erste Gang ins ‘Public Bath’. Beides spannend … Ebike: wohl nicht die neuste Generation 😁 aber der rote Esel tut seinen Dienst einwandfrei. Ok, … Rückblickend wäre es nicht notwendig gewesen… aber bei gefühlten 40* eine nette Unterstützung 😎 Das Public Bath:    Es sieht wohl zuerst nach was anderem aus, ist aber seriös und definitiv ne… Read More

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