Merry go round the world


The last two days I was on a tour on Kangaroo Island – the third largest island of Australia. As I arrived on the Island by ferry the adventure tour started 😁 Our first stop was Robβ€˜s shearing & sheep dogs were we got a live demonstration of shearing πŸ‘πŸΌ The next big stop was Seal Bay. We saw the Australian Seals of which these days only a 10β€˜000 existing. We got… Read More

Todays goal was to see some Silo-Art installations. Unfortunately they are a bit off my track back to Melbourne… anyway, I started the β€˜little’ detour in the morning and got not disappointed 😁 The original one (first) would have been even a bit further up – there are 6 installations, spread over 200km. Due to my timing (drop-off the car and catching the flight to Adelaide) I had to stop at the… Read More

After my just incredible scenic drive yesterday, I went to the last two great spots at the great ocean road: London Bridge and The Grotto. Afterwards I headed north to the Grampians… It took me a bit longer than expected 😁 but I arrived save and went finally to some great lookouts (). Even though we hit today 37* I walked down the McKenzie Falls 😁 Was beautiful! Unfortunately I can not… Read More

Well, there is actually not much to say… I just drove along the great ocean road 😁 Well to drive on the left side is a bit special, but it did work out after a couple of hours πŸ™ˆ just keep relaxed 😎 but with those views the easiest task! And well, the scenery is so welcoming, so I watched the sunrise at the 12 Apostels … > no words – just… Read More

Already our last day on Fraser Island! … so our main thing was actually driving back to Noosa. However, first we made a short bush walk (2.5km one way) to Lake Wabby and spent some time chilling out there before leaving the Island. Well, back at the hostel we enjoyed our selves and attended the ‘welcome back party’ … somehow I felt a bit reminded at my school parties 20 years ago… Read More

Heading from Eurong Beach Resort up the Beach …. First stop was Eli Creek. Incredible clear little refreshing fresh water creek which ends in the sea. Second spot was Champagne Pool – our farthest point up north we went on Fraser Island. We were quite lucky too and saw also a little puppy Dingo on our way up. While heading back, we stopped at Indian Head for a little climb up the… Read More

Well, after I arrived yesterday in Noosa I met surprisingly my friend Hariette from the Uluru trip at the hostel … and, as small as Australia is, … we are also on the same tour 😁 Anyway, the tour started today … the forecast was rain … which we also had, till we arrived at rainbow beach … <<<<< terwards we had a great day driving on the island over the beach… Read More

Even though it was not raining the last night – the night was short! We were ready to head off to Kings Canyon at 6am – this means, having finished breakfast and dishes, cleaning teethes, have all wrapped up and back in the bus such as swags, sleeping bags, backpacks etc Even though those wake up times are far away from what I like, it’s prevents you from walking during midday –… Read More

After a short and wet night, we first headed off to watch the sunrise at Urulu and getting a open air breakfast in front of the majestic rock. While getting our breakfast ready it did start to rain again slightly… at this point the mood was not at the highest point … but what followed afterwards was just amazing! … Rain stopped and we had a incredible moment watching the sunrise! Our… Read More

Yes, It’s quite a way to go – but absolutely worth it! And in fact it is only a couple of 100km drive – distances get relative in Australia 😁 Anyway, as we arrived at the rock, we started our walk around it – so called base walk. Takes around 2h roughly. While walking, it started raining … supposed to rain here around 300ml per year. So it is not that rarely… Read More