Merry go round the world


Beside the astonishing nature here in New Zealand, a big part is also the Maori culture. So i visited the Whakarewarewa village (the living Maori Village). The place is next to Rotorua, in a unique geothermal valley. Beside a guided tour which gave a lot of inputs about their history and heritage, I enjoyed their cultural performance – which I really liked very much! I also spend some time walking through their… Read More

Before moving to Perth by plane in the afternoon, I have a couple of hours to explore a bit more the closer area of Darwin. I went to the Museum & Art Gallerey of NT. They have an AC 😁 and the visit is overall free.  The museum is quite nice and interesting. Worth to go if you have a few hours left. To get there by bus is pretty much easy…. Read More

While being in Seoul, I also booked a tour to DMZ. I initially wanted to go to JSA – Joint Security Area – too but due to military training (whatever this means in detail!) it was not possible to go there during those days I am in the city. In the end I decided to go with the tour operator Cosmojin which was a good choice. The booking process was easy (even though I… Read More

Kind of a must see in Busan! This mountainside slum got an arty makeover in 2009 – now also called Machu Picchu of Korea.  The colorful village invits to stroll around and enjoy the great views (is for sure also better when the weather is more sunny 😁)  In the little streets you will discover always something new, such as mural paintings, souvenir shops, cafés etc.  Greats place to spend your time… Read More

A day with a lots of inputs to think about

Well, no bed available for me in Hiroshima tonight – at least not the one I wanted 🙂 Well, so I made a stopover in Okayama instead.