Merry go round the world


Todays goal was to see some Silo-Art installations. Unfortunately they are a bit off my track back to Melbourne… anyway, I started the ‘little’ detour in the morning and got not disappointed 😁 The original one (first) would have been even a bit further up – there are 6 installations, spread over 200km. Due to my timing (drop-off the car and catching the flight to Adelaide) I had to stop at the… Read More

Kind of a must see in Busan! This mountainside slum got an arty makeover in 2009 – now also called Machu Picchu of Korea.  The colorful village invits to stroll around and enjoy the great views (is for sure also better when the weather is more sunny 😁)  In the little streets you will discover always something new, such as mural paintings, souvenir shops, cafés etc.  Greats place to spend your time… Read More

Ok, warum auch nicht … auf Naoshima ist für mich der erste ‘EBike-Test’ sowie der erste Gang ins ‘Public Bath’. Beides spannend … Ebike: wohl nicht die neuste Generation 😁 aber der rote Esel tut seinen Dienst einwandfrei. Ok, … Rückblickend wäre es nicht notwendig gewesen… aber bei gefühlten 40* eine nette Unterstützung 😎 Das Public Bath:    Es sieht wohl zuerst nach was anderem aus, ist aber seriös und definitiv ne… Read More