After my just incredible scenic drive yesterday, I went to the last two great spots at the great ocean road: London Bridge and The Grotto.

Afterwards I headed north to the Grampians… It took me a bit longer than expected 😁

but I arrived save and went finally to some great lookouts (). Even though we hit today 37* I walked down the McKenzie Falls 😁

Was beautiful! Unfortunately I can not show on pictures the scents of the trees … but this was magnificent! Also yesterday … incredible strong sometimes 😁

Nevertheless I am back in the hostel and looking for a refreshing shower 😁

Well, there is actually not much to say… I just drove along the great ocean road 😁

Well to drive on the left side is a bit special, but it did work out after a couple of hours πŸ™ˆ just keep relaxed 😎 but with those views the easiest task!

And well, the scenery is so welcoming, so I watched the sunrise at the 12 Apostels … > no words – just pictures 😁

Day 46 – 4 Kβ€˜s

A great day with Sonja – and we named the day the 4 K’s … not real reason for it … just for fun 😁

St Kilda: we went on the tram at the CBD. 30′ later we were at Melbourne’s beach – St. Kilda. Well, it’s not the nicest beach in Australia, but still pretty and a fantastic location to be 😁

Kitty: Sonja found the little kitten… as a cat lover she felt in love with the little white fella 😁 this little cat also brought us two free coffees by the owner … so quite good deal! (In Thailand we would have to pay for taking a picture and holding it 😁)Kite-Surfers: since it was very windy, kite surfers were not to far away … and they were pretty good!

Kino: there was just an openair cinema going on. So we spontaneous decided to eat a pizza there and watch the movie. Luckily we got some blankets (thanks to American Express) – otherwise we would have frozen to death πŸ™ˆ got pretty cold when the sun was gone❄️

After a great night in a super comfi bed, I went for a stroll around Melbourne.

I ended up walking around 8h …

And just saw CBD and part of South Bank 😁

Ok, to be fair, I also planned a bit my next days > Grat Ocean Road, Grampians, Kangaroo Island, Barossa Valley … quite some activities planned before leaving Australia in 2 Weeks 😁 so I am very excited 😁

After some more hours bus driving, I finally arrived in Melbourne.

The weather is fresh (not compared to Europe tough!) but it was sunny and it got soon warmer πŸ˜‰

Anyway, as Melbourne is known for their Street Art, I packed my camera and went out for finding them …

Well, very easy to find … they are literally everywhere … in Fitzroy, CBD, …

One better than the other … 😁

It’s hard to decide which to show here … I maid a ton of pictures 😁

… And the last collage 😁

Day 43 – Canberra

So, today I headed off to Melbourne… well, so I decided to hopp off the bus in Canberra. If I am passing the city anyway… why not have a look at the capital 😁

I have to say, there is not too much to see … anyway, I had a nice day walking to the parliament house …

and visiting the National Museum of Australia where they just had the special exhibition ‘Songlines – tracing the 7 sisters – ‘ going on.

Day 42 – Night Light

Beside meeting up for lunch with two friends, which I met in Thailand while I was in the dog project, I would say, today’s highlight was my night photo course.

The course was done by Alfonso Calero. Within 3 hours you get a lot of tips and tricks for doing a great shot at night with your camera. Also some inputs about editing he showed at the end. I had a fabulous 3h workshop πŸ˜ƒ

Sydney Lights lHarbour Bridge TunnelGlowing HartHarbour Bridge Opera House After my workshop, I had a goodbye drink with the two ladies which stayed with me at the hostel at the same time! 😊πŸ₯‚

Day 41 – Opera House

Unfortunately I can not visit a show at the Opera House while staying in Sydney (nothing good going on for me). So I took the chance and made the official tour…

An amazing construction – great looking and functional on top.

And as a treat we could listen to the Sydney Opera Orchester while having the rehearsal for their La La Land performance in the main concert hall πŸ˜€

Afterwards I enjoyed a little shopping tour in the CBD… Christmas is all around – also when it is close to 30* outside πŸ˜…

It supposed to clear up today. So I took the bus to Bondi Beach and started my costal walk to Coogee.

As promised, the sky turned blue and the sun was shining! 😁

It is a easy walk along the coast. But the views you will experience during this 6km are amazing!

Beside watching out for surfers at some of the beaches, listening to the sound of braking waves, you also walk through a beautiful cemetery with an incredible view to the ocean!

Nevertheless, make sure you put sunscreen on. It is pretty windy and you do not feel instantly that you get burned … believe me πŸ™ˆ

Anyway, I loved the walk very much (even though it’s a quite popular and somehow crowded walk) πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ

Welcome to Sydney! I just arrived yesterday evening by train from the Blue Mountains. My Hostel here is fantastic (YHA @ the harbour). The view from the roof top is just unbeatable – opera house and Sydney bridge 😁

Anyway, to get as much as possible from my Sydney stay (even though it was a cloudy and rainy day again), I joined today a free city tour.

I did not know what to expect from a ‘free’ tour … but I have to say… it was great!

ot a lot of inputs about the short history of Australia, how the city was founded and about some important buildings and places to go.

Last but not least I crossed the harbour bridge to get the view of the opera house by night.