Another super hot day! β˜€οΈ I do not complain at all … but, with those temperatures you need also an option to cool down 😎

So my friend had the awesome idea to go for an easy walk and swim in our local river ‘TΓΆss’ … just around the corner 😁

It was a great idea and our dogs enjoyed being in the water and get cooled down …

And so much sun, water and running around makes tired πŸ’€ 😁 … thanks! it was a wonderful dayβ˜€οΈ

Stockhorn (BE)

My brother organized a barbecue up in the mountains with friends and family. For food he planned grilled fresh fish from the mountain lake 😁 so, we ended up on Stockhorn – he fished with his colleagues the fish and I and Joli took the option to do our first cable car ride with a tiny trekking around the lake 😁

It was such a great day! Blue sky, sun and a light cool breeze ! And overall it’s a great place for not too much trained owners and dogs πŸ˜‚

It is quite a time ago since my last Blog entry … actually exactly 9 weeks.

After arriving back home, I made a small Switzerland trip to visit my family and friends and settled back into my apartment. It was awesome to see them all again after my trip πŸ™‚

But in fact, I had 10 days before my little furry friend Joli arrived. And then, on February 19, he really did arrive at the airport.Β Beside having a Jet-lag, the weather was not really welcoming to him. It was incredible cold … So first thing to do was to find a jumper to keep him a bit warm while walking. As it started to snow a couple of days later, I think he really wished to be back in Thailand πŸ™‚



Even though he had quite rough conditions, he settled in very very well. Now, after nearly 7 weeks, he enjoys the first spring days with sun and great warm weather.



And I have to say, my little smart furry friend is doing absolutely great and always thinks about what to explore next (if not sleeping) πŸ™‚ Now we are working on basic obedience to be able to explore everything we like.



We then might redirect the blog slightly to a smaller world – such as our trips and experiences around Switzerland and Europe … let’s see … I am still thinking about how to move forward with my web page ….

Anyway, here are some impressions from our trip to Thun (Bernese Oberland) – Visit of my brother’s family. And to be honest … its just a great place to enjoy countryside and a great view to the Alps πŸ™‚







Superlative – Dubai

After 19.5h travel time I am actually quite happy to have planned a additional night in Dubai.

Well, it’s not as hot as expected but I do not want to complain … the sun is shining though 😁

I made a Big Bus Tour to get at least an rough overview of the city … it seems all is taller, longer, etc here – at least according the tour guide … reminds me a bit of Las Vegas – just without the incredible amount of Casinos 😁

Anyway, due to heavy traffic I decided to shorten my tour and enjoyed instead a nice drink on the terrace and enjoyed the afternoon sun 😎

A nice way to spend the last day before my return home 😁

Last days

My last days I spent with going back to Christchurch. But straight was naturally not an option 😁 instead I went for a quick look to Arthur’s Pass.

One more time to see the New Zealand Alps 😁 and I was again very lucky! It was raining when I arrived … but the next morning could not be more beautiful β˜€οΈ

After my little detour I headed to Christchurch and my last accomodation was just great! A super hostel (Haka Lodge) with great people.

My last hours I then spent in the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve – to see at least once a Kiwi (not just hearing) πŸ˜€

None of those birds is a Kiwi … obviously… but pictures are not allowed of the Kiwis 😁 anyway it was a nice way to finish my New Zealand experience!

Now I am at the airport waiting on my plane to leave for Dubai! … getting a step closer to home😁

Lake Tekapo

I spent two nights at Lake Tekapo since it is known for the best stargazing in New Zealand. Anyhow, during the day, it is hard to see any stars πŸ™‚ Therefore I did a short walk to Mt. John and treated myself with a Hot Pool in the Tekapo Springs afterwards.

Hiking Mt. John

The two nights itself, I spent in the car, since all affordable accommodations were sold out in a distance of at least 1 hour.

2018-02-04 21.37.12

Honestly, the two nights were not that bad as expected in the beginning. And it allowed me, to do the stargazing. Unfortunately only on the first night … the second was far too cloudy in the end. But I won’t complain – the sky had an uncountable amount of stars and was adorable …

New Phototastic Collage

2018-02-03 20.19.14-1