Superlative – Dubai

After 19.5h travel time I am actually quite happy to have planned a additional night in Dubai.

Well, it’s not as hot as expected but I do not want to complain … the sun is shining though 😁

I made a Big Bus Tour to get at least an rough overview of the city … it seems all is taller, longer, etc here – at least according the tour guide … reminds me a bit of Las Vegas – just without the incredible amount of Casinos 😁

Anyway, due to heavy traffic I decided to shorten my tour and enjoyed instead a nice drink on the terrace and enjoyed the afternoon sun 😎

A nice way to spend the last day before my return home 😁

Last days

My last days I spent with going back to Christchurch. But straight was naturally not an option 😁 instead I went for a quick look to Arthur’s Pass.

One more time to see the New Zealand Alps 😁 and I was again very lucky! It was raining when I arrived … but the next morning could not be more beautiful β˜€οΈ

After my little detour I headed to Christchurch and my last accomodation was just great! A super hostel (Haka Lodge) with great people.

My last hours I then spent in the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve – to see at least once a Kiwi (not just hearing) πŸ˜€

None of those birds is a Kiwi … obviously… but pictures are not allowed of the Kiwis 😁 anyway it was a nice way to finish my New Zealand experience!

Now I am at the airport waiting on my plane to leave for Dubai! … getting a step closer to home😁

Lake Tekapo

I spent two nights at Lake Tekapo since it is known for the best stargazing in New Zealand. Anyhow, during the day, it is hard to see any stars πŸ™‚ Therefore I did a short walk to Mt. John and treated myself with a Hot Pool in the Tekapo Springs afterwards.

Hiking Mt. John

The two nights itself, I spent in the car, since all affordable accommodations were sold out in a distance of at least 1 hour.

2018-02-04 21.37.12

Honestly, the two nights were not that bad as expected in the beginning. And it allowed me, to do the stargazing. Unfortunately only on the first night … the second was far too cloudy in the end. But I won’t complain – the sky had an uncountable amount of stars and was adorable …

New Phototastic Collage

2018-02-03 20.19.14-1

Mt. Cook

On my way up towards Lake Tekapo I made a little detour to Mt Cook. And I got not disappointed!

I walked the Hooker Treck. An easy path right to the front of Mt Cook. A gorgeous walk – only a bit annoying is the amount of people … but anyway, according my opinion still worth it 😁

While driving back (and actually also on the way to Mt Cook) I enjoyed the astonishing colored Lake Pukaki.

In general most of the lakes do have a very strong blue color! But this one changes the color from a milky/grayish to a turquoise blue at the end (unfortunately not really visible on the pictures). Just beautiful πŸ˜‰

Milford Sound

Today the weather forecast was rain! This was great for my trip to Milford Sound! 😁

I saw the Sounds under good weather conditions two days ago with the scenic flight. Now I really wanted to see them in the mystic atmosphere! And here we go …

in the morning I saw a lovely rainbow. A bit further it started to get cloudy, and at Milford Sound it was raining and all the awesome waterfalls along the way were gorgeous 😁

As all the other tourist I did the cruise … and it was really cool. Quite windy though and sometimes quite a rough sea … but this made the experience just better 😁

Along our cruise we saw also a couple of seals and some more waterfalls which were up to 150m!

Surprisingly I met the two guys from Scotland again, which I met at Franz Josef Glacier. I got a lovely invite for a pasta dinner at their campsite. So it was an overall great day with a great company for dinner 😁

Blessed in Glenorchy…

… that’s how I feel myself 😁

While driving up to Glenorchy yesterday, I had some gorgeous views!

I just spend the afternoon at the lake and took up this beautiful landscape!

Today I planned a horse ride … to Isengard – or also called the Paradise. And I got not disappointed… it was just breathtaking!

And my little fury fella – Cooper – was the best ever 😁 so patient with me 😁

After this I initially wanted to relax a bit more at the lake … but I made up my mind at went on a scenic flight to Milford Sound. The weather was just perfect for this. And as lucky I am, I got a seat and took off!

I was constantly smiling I think today 😁 what a day!


I started the day quite easy… with a stroll through the town and my holy morning coffee β˜•οΈ

Later in the morning I went off for a shorter hike called ‘Rocky Mountain/Lake Diamond Lake’ Loop. It was an amazing 2-3h hike. The climb up was quite exhausting in the full sun – but absolutely worth it 😁

After being back in town I relaxed and refreshed myself at the lake with an incredible outlook towards the mountains.

While sunbathing I bumped into some friends I met already a couple of times on my New Zealand journey. So we walked a bit around the lake. Actually we wanted to walk up to the so called ‘Waterfall Creek’ under the impression to swim by a waterfall… well, there was no waterfall… πŸ™ˆ It’s just called like πŸ™ˆ … now we know it 😁

At night, I walked up to the famous Wanaka tree to make some night pictures… with a sky full of stars! … but the moon was so bright, that the stars were not that much visible. But still… beautiful and peaceful!

Lake Matheson

Again a day with a lot of driving – final destination will be Wanaka.

But before heading down there, I went to the mirror lake – Lake Matheson. I was super lucky with the weather. It was sunny but also very cloudy. And exactly at the time I was there, the mountain tops got visible 😁

Afterwards I headed to Wanaka. The drive is so beautiful and has many scenic stops … I had to stop with looking at all of them. Otherwise I would not have reached my final destination 😁

Highway #6 – West Coast

To reach the very south part of the island you can take the highway #6 and drive down the west coast.

Up to Greymouth you will drive along the beautiful coastline with the rough rock formations. Outstanding are the so called ‘Pancake Rocks’ at Punakaiki.

Also Hokitika is worth a stop for some souvenier shopping – very well known for their Jade jewelry.

After several hours driving I finally reached the Franz Josef Glacier town, where I spent the night. Was a long and funny one, since I met two Scottish guys In the Hostel and they had such a good tasting bottle of whiskey πŸ™ˆ

Abel Tasman

I spent two days in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Day 1: Enjoyed a Kayaking trip along the majestic shore of the Tonga Marine Reserve. While paddling along, we spotted a few seals.

After having exercised my arms I walked a part of the costal track. The outlooks were just incredible! The colors were magic!

Day 2: inspired by the day before I went for a second walk in the Abel Tasman along the Costal Track.

I had perfect weather – so a swim in the sea at the beach was a must! Especially because the water was super refreshing!

At this point also many thanks to Dominik for the ice cream stall recommendation πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ enjoyed it twice on the way back to the accomodation πŸ˜‹