Joli’s Sweet Home

It is quite a time ago since my last Blog entry … actually exactly 9 weeks.

After arriving back home, I made a small Switzerland trip to visit my family and friends and settled back into my apartment. It was awesome to see them all again after my trip πŸ™‚

But in fact, I had 10 days before my little furry friend Joli arrived. And then, on February 19, he really did arrive at the airport.Β Beside having a Jet-lag, the weather was not really welcoming to him. It was incredible cold … So first thing to do was to find a jumper to keep him a bit warm while walking. As it started to snow a couple of days later, I think he really wished to be back in Thailand πŸ™‚



Even though he had quite rough conditions, he settled in very very well. Now, after nearly 7 weeks, he enjoys the first spring days with sun and great warm weather.



And I have to say, my little smart furry friend is doing absolutely great and always thinks about what to explore next (if not sleeping) πŸ™‚ Now we are working on basic obedience to be able to explore everything we like.



We then might redirect the blog slightly to a smaller world – such as our trips and experiences around Switzerland and Europe … let’s see … I am still thinking about how to move forward with my web page ….

Anyway, here are some impressions from our trip to Thun (Bernese Oberland) – Visit of my brother’s family. And to be honest … its just a great place to enjoy countryside and a great view to the Alps πŸ™‚







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