Day 21 – Kings Canyon

Even though it was not raining the last night – the night was short! We were ready to head off to Kings Canyon at 6am – this means, having finished breakfast and dishes, cleaning teethes, have all wrapped up and back in the bus such as swags, sleeping bags, backpacks etc

Even though those wake up times are far away from what I like, it’s prevents you from walking during midday – the heat would boil you even though it’s not the hottest time at the moment – therefore I actually appreciated it.

However, we started our 3-3.5h walk with a lot of energy and stepped up the canyon (which was the most exhausting part!)

The rest of the walk around the top of the canyon was amazing! Beautiful views and a lot of gumtrees, a lot of other plants and birds. Unfortunately we did not spot any rock wallabies…

After being back by the bus, we started to head back to Alice Springs … a good 4.5/5h drive …

Was a great tour with a lot of great people!

Tour operator: The Rock Tour

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