Day 20 – Kata Tjuta

After a short and wet night, we first headed off to watch the sunrise at Urulu and getting a open air breakfast in front of the majestic rock.

While getting our breakfast ready it did start to rain again slightly… at this point the mood was not at the highest point … but what followed afterwards was just amazing! …

Rain stopped and we had a incredible moment watching the sunrise!

Our next target was Kata Tjuta. Also a holy and very important rock formation for the Aboriginals.

We made a +/- 2.5h walk around the rock formations and got blessed with astonishing views and a blue sky!

The walks in general are not difficult… but when the sun is shining, they get extremely exhausting 😎 so always carry a lot of water (min. 3l acc. NP rules!)

oyed very much the walk since we had a 3h bus ride afterwards towards our target for day 3 – Kings Canyon.

y, before reaching our sleeping place for day 2 we had to collect firewood in the wood. Quite a thing in this heat!

rrived in the camp, we set up our swags etc. almost like professionals 😂 … and today we even had tents – which was good, since clouds came up again! …

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