Part 1 – CREUX DU VAN My long weekend is coming closer … and so also my first time camping! The idea: renting a camper and just cruising around and enjoy the time with my little furry friend … We started on Friday going to the Grand Canyon of Switzerland: CREUX DU VAN After a short drive of around 50′ – from Biel/Bienne – we arrived the lower car park and walked… Read More

Another super hot day! ☀️ I do not complain at all … but, with those temperatures you need also an option to cool down 😎 So my friend had the awesome idea to go for an easy walk and swim in our local river ‘Töss’ … just around the corner 😁 It was a great idea and our dogs enjoyed being in the water and get cooled down … And so much… Read More

My brother organized a barbecue up in the mountains with friends and family. For food he planned grilled fresh fish from the mountain lake 😁 so, we ended up on Stockhorn – he fished with his colleagues the fish and I and Joli took the option to do our first cable car ride with a tiny trekking around the lake 😁 It was such a great day! Blue sky, sun and a… Read More

My first 7 weeks after my travel with Joli …

After 19.5h travel time I am actually quite happy to have planned a additional night in Dubai. Well, it’s not as hot as expected but I do not want to complain … the sun is shining though 😁 I made a Big Bus Tour to get at least an rough overview of the city … it seems all is taller, longer, etc here – at least according the tour guide … reminds… Read More

My last days I spent with going back to Christchurch. But straight was naturally not an option 😁 instead I went for a quick look to Arthur’s Pass. One more time to see the New Zealand Alps 😁 and I was again very lucky! It was raining when I arrived … but the next morning could not be more beautiful ☀️ After my little detour I headed to Christchurch and my last… Read More